Vegas Bomb Recipe For Your Birth Party

This recipe is called a bomb because you are dropping the shot glass into the large one to get a big splash. It is more fun to drink these Vegas bomb shots in the party mood. This drink is more delicious than other images, like the Irish car bomb and the Jager bomb.

What is a Vegas bomb?

The Vegas bomb recipe is a cocktail made with a royal flush shot. This drink contains peach schnapps, crown royal whiskey, and cranberry juice, and this three will drop into the red bull energy drink. This drink is famous in Las Vegas in the all-night party scene. 

How to make a Vegas bomb?

This vega is more famous among all people in Las Vegas. This drink is made up of a combination of four glasses. To make this Vegas bombs shot, you have to include

  • One by three shots of Canadian whisky.
  • One by three shots of peach schnapps.
  • One by three shots of coconut rum.
  • Dash of cranberry juice and one-by-two energy drink.

Now you start the process of preparing the Vegas bomb recipe. Add all the ingredients except the energy drink to the shot glass. Drop it (the bomb) into a rock glass one by two filled with the energy drink. Now to Vegas bomb recipe shot is ready to drink.

Ingredient for a Vegas bomb

ThisVegas bomb shot recipe contains five types of ingredients. The recipes are crown royal whiskey, peach schnapps, Malibu rum, cranberry juice, and a red bull energy drink. With this ingredient, you can make the best Vegas bomb shot recipe.

Crown Royal whiskey
Ingredient for a Vegas bomb (Homemade food junkie)

Crown Royal whiskey

Another name for the crown royal is Seagram’s crown royal. It is a blended Canadian whisky brand created by Seagram. This whiskey is made using 12-column stills that produce very clean and light-tasting spirits. This crown royal blends these distillates to achieve a specific flavour profile.

Peach schnapps

This drink is a type of schnapps made by adding peach flavouring to clear grain spirit. As a result, the flavour of this drink is intensely fruity and peach-forward. This makes it great for adding flavour and uses it sparingly.

Malibu rum

This Malibu rum is aged in oak barrels for two years to develop its complex and sweet flavour. This recipe for the Vegas bomb is remaining unchanged for more than 100 years. It is crafted with Caribbean sugarcane and pure water.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is the liquid of the cranberry, manufactured with a combination of sugar, water, and other fruit juices. The cranberry juice cocktail contains about 28% of cranberry juice, with the remainder either from other fruit juice, concentrated water, or added sugar to improve palatability. This cranberry juice contains 86% water, 1% fat or protein, and 11% carbohydrates.

Red bull energy drink

This energy drink is used by people and appreciated by top athletes, students, and high-demand professionals. This drink gives instant energy to the people who drink it.


You don’t need any fancy to make a Vegas bomb cocktail shot. You need a standard-sized drinking glass and a shot glass. You need the skill to be able to drop a shot glass into another glass. You need no specialized training is required to do this work. But it would help if you had some concentration when doing this job.


To drink this Vegas bomb recipe, you don’t want to sip slowly. This will not let you taste the drink. You have a drink in one chance. This will react instantly when you drink it. If you drink more and more, you will get a hangover.

Extra tips

Some variations of Vegas shots

You can see a large number of variations of the Vegas bomb recipe. You can make different fun drinks with other ingredients that will leave you with an entirely new glass. It is easy to promote the latest beverages and their taste. But these will not have the original taste like the Vegas bomb. For example, some people will use amaretto instead of cranberry juice. This will vary the flavour of the intake.

It is also common to substitute another type of peaches and use the substitute type of butterscotch liquor. If you want to taste, the drink gives less taste of booze. This drink is the best option for people who don’t want to drink liquor. A few variations of the Vegas bomb use butterscotch and coconut rum to make a super drink for alcoholic punch. This tends to make the drink even sweeter while also giving the extra charge for the drink.

You can do many experiments with the energy drink, and you are looking to save money. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives for the Vegas bomb recipe. But this Vegas bomb is the tastier and most famous one.

Using fresh fruits

You can use fresh fruits as an alternative for the drinks. You can change any ingredients or add them to this drink. But there is a problem you cannot add all types of fruits to these drinks. Some fruits will change the glass into poisonous. Some fruits will destroy the taste of the drink. These changes will create a Vegas bomb recipe new version for their lovers. The person who wants to consume less alcohol can consume the fruit Vegas bomb.

Mock drinks

There are many alternate drinks available on behalf of the Vegas bomb recipe. Most of the mock recipe is non-alcoholic; the drink is like having a cheese-free grilled cheese sandwich. You may use an alcohol-free version of the bomb by having a shot glass filled with peach juice and a splash of juicy cranberry. It takes a certain amount of guts to bar and order a virgin Vegas bomb. This is the most famous amount of alcoholic lovers.

How popular is the Vegas bomb

This drink has been more popular in Las Vegas since 2000. No one will know how the glass is famous in Vegas. But this is mainly used at the time of the party. This drink will let you do whatever you want with more happiness.