How To Do eGirl Eyeliner?

The year 2020 has given a whole new phase to the eGirl makeup look. It is a TikTok trend, including VSCO girl, and it gets started from E-girl fashion. Indeed, it is digital appeal later it has become a real-life beauty trend globally. Of course, it isn’t a makeup routine that anyone can easily do it. However, it is fun and interesting to do. Thus, while you get stuck at home, doing it will give you a break. 

What is an eGirl?

The word e Girl refers to an electronic girl who uses the internet with more interest. Also, they have a claim to play games. Currently, eGirl defines bold and edgy women who have strong emo and punk vibe. When it comes to eGirl makeup, it involves bold, statement eye makeup with dramatic and vivid e girl eyeliner includes many blush and faux freckles.

The overall eGirl makeup look is cute and catchy. It gets influenced by anime and K-pop. E Girls always prefer edgy clothes, neon streaks, delicate blush. Thus, it will give a cool look. However, one thing that will highlight the makeup is winged eyeliner. Only when you do eye makeup properly with eGirl eyeliner will it get the complete look.

Look at the step-by-step eGirl eyeliner application below to apply it properly, even at the first attempt. For that, you need sleek and dramatic winged eyeliner.

Draw the wings

Be it is regular eyeliner, or eGirl eyeliner, drawing wings is the most complex step. Thus it would be best if you grabbed the liquid liner with a fine tip. In general, liquid liners have a pen-like shape. So, holding it is pretty straightforward. Also, anyone can achieve a sharp, sleek wing quickly. The line you get in here is finite. 

If you want better control, then use gel type. Along with that, purchase the best brush size, color intensity, and thickness of the line. But it is hard to get the sharp line since it is thick and creamier. 

Get guidance

You are drawing wings flawlessly, even at the first attempt is hard. In fact, after so many attempts, if you fail to follow the instructions properly will end up in flaw. That’s why you should look for better guidance. At first, try to draw a straight and flawless line. If you accomplish it, then removing the rest won’t be a matter at all. 

One should hold the eyeliner against the face from the nose side to the outer edge of your eyebrow. When it comes to drawing the corner of the eye using e girl eyeliner one must start by creating a small line. It would help if you repeated the same on the other eye as well. 

Draw the bottom line

For that, you must hold the eyeliner and take it to the corner of your eye and draw a straight line by facing upside. You also need to pull the downward direction line as well. If you want a large wing, you must start to draw a straight line under the corner of your eye. Placing your elbow on a flat surface helps you for better results. 

Try to extend the line

The reason to extend the line is when you draw the line farther, you can get the more significant and best final result. Your wing will come as you wish. According to your choice as well, one can easily draw E-Girl eyeliner. Yes, you can add even the various lengths to get the best look that suits you. 

Finish the wing outline

One should initiate at the tip and then draw a straight line in the opposite direction towards the eyelid. Also, the line should get complete on the center of your upper eyelid. It would help if you did the same thing on the other eye as well. Along with that, you need to draw the line on the places you are left to fill the eyeliner. 

Of course, you should be required to hold the eyeliner and fill every triangular outline, stroke by stroke. By flicking or sweeping e girl eyeliner you need to continue until you fill the design. It would be best if you did the same for the other eye too.

Keep the control

No matter what, you need to keep it light so you can correct the mistake easily. That’s why you should sketch the wing outline and then fill it using liquid liner. If you keep practicing drawing the eGirl eyeliner, you can easily do it for all occasions


How do you do messy Eyeliner?

Messy eyeliner is the best way to achieve that winged eye look. All you need is some black eyeliner, a small brush and your hands! Start by lining the top lash line and extending the line downwards to create a wing. Then brush the black liner along the bottom lash line to create a second wing. Finally, use your finger to blend the wings together. For a more dramatic look, use a thicker brush and apply more liner to the top lash line. For a softer look, use a thinner brush and apply less liner. Either way, messy eyeliner is a great way to add a little glamour to your look.

What is the easiest eyeliner to apply?

There is no one “easiest” eyeliner to apply, as everyone’s eyes are different and require different levels of precision when applying eyeliner. However, some eyeliners that are commonly considered to be easy to apply include liquid and cream eyeliners, felt-tip eyeliners, and brush-tip eyeliners.