How to Fix Error 0x80040702: Fix in 2 Minutes

The error 0x80040702 is a very popular problem for most editions of Windows. Fortunately, it’s very simple to rectify if you can recognize what the issue is with this error and how it should be apt to mend your system. Scroll down the blog to know what exactly error 0x80040702 is and how you can fix it!

What Is The 0x80040702 Error?

The error 0x80040702  is commonly detected when you want to put in new software programs on your PC. Games and additional resource-intensive software installations develop this error and to stabilize the dilemma, you need to understand what causes it and what each interpretation of the error indicates

The purposes for this negligence are as follows:

  • The installer is incapable to discover one or more of the files it requires to finalize the installation
  • Obsolete or left-over entrances from prior editions of the software are left on your system and cannot be overwritten
  • Viruses and different malware could be destroying important files that your installation requires

Your PC has a corrupt ‘registry’ database.

To spot this error, there are specific steps you must put up with. 

When did Error 0x80040702 happen?

If you have got this notification on your PC, it implies that there was a malfunction in your system operation. Error code “0x80040702” is one of the problems that users may receive as a result of the incorrect or neglected installation or uninstallation of software that may have left ineffective access to system components. Other possible reasons may include inappropriate system shutdown, such as due to a power loss, someone with little technological understanding accidentally eliminating a crucial system file or system element access, as well as many additional components.

Error 0x80040702 can arise in many numerous instances, but the most popular is when an end-user strives to install a modern application. The more resource-hungry the plea, the more plausible it is to produce this error during installation. For the end user, you require to understand what causes it, and the version of the error you’re encountering.

The most popular reasons for this error are the following:

  • The InstallShield is incapable of discovering one or more files that are assigned during the installation procedure.
  • The InstallShield is incapable of overwriting outdated or additional files of a prior edition of the application you are installing.
  • Important installation files have been destroyed by viruses on your network.
  • The Windows registry has been infected.
  • The system suffered a power failure during the installation.
  • The DLL file in the error statement has not been enrolled within Windows.
  • The installation procedure has been stopped by the operating system.

Steps to fix it

When it comes to fixing Error 0x80040702 several things can be done, some additional confused than others. We have thus organized the possible remedies in order of convincingness and ease of performance.

Run a Registry Scan

Run a Registry Scan
Image source: Emco software

The Windows registry is the prominent database system operated for storing crucial hardware and software settings data. Not only does it hold vital data about your mailing customer, for example, or even your desktop wallpaper option, but it also carries data integral to the steady running of all your applications. When this registry access is harmed or eroded, the operating system is no longer eligible to examine this access, thus occurring in errors.

The loss of specific vital Windows elements, such as the InstallShield, in this case, can result in an inadequate registry. As a solution, you should operate a registry scan of your system, using skilled registry cleaner equipment like Advanced System Repair Pro. Such equipment will scan, inspect and repair violated entries within the registry. It will also eliminate redundant access, effectively enhancing the all-around operation of your system.

Run a Virus Scan

Run a Virus Scan
Image source: Concise computer

Virus disorders are very popular nowadays but are not in any way as significant as they were in the past. One of the major reasons for error 0x80040702 is viruses. These vicious files clasp onto your computer and pollute important files, particularly your InstallShield files, which are assigned by the operating system to run and introduce new applications to your network.

Fortunately, stabilizing this dilemma is somewhat easy, as the end user requires only running influential yet credible antivirus equipment such as SpyHunter. If you download and induct this tool, it will saturate your system of all vicious files, fixing up any formerly damaged units, such as the InstallShield in this case.

SpyHunter is also helpful at eliminating spyware, worms, Trojan horses, and a keeper of other ferocious file types, making it a very influential and highly recommended internet safety tool.

Replace Missing DLL File(s)

Replace Missing DLL File(s)
Image source: Youtube

There are those illustrations when the operating system is incapable of reading a special file expected during the installation stage of an application. When this happens, the computer may throw up the 0x80040702 error statement, while demonstrating which DLL file it was incapable to discover or examine. Fortunately, you can rectify this issue, by performing the following:

If you’ve ever experienced this error while using CorelDRAW for illustration, the error statement is known to show up as the following:

Error 0x80040702: can’t locate all: swcusten (CorelDraw 11-File Not Found)

This special error statement demonstrates that the operating system was incapable of examining one or more files during the installation procedure. The DLL file it was incapable to uncover in this case was SWcustEN.dll, thus arising in the error.

So how do you overhaul, well the most helpful remedy is to do the following:

  • 1. Initially, boot into your computer with full organizational rights.
  • 2. Then click on Start -> Search [Windows Vista/7: Type SWcustEN.dll (into the Search policies and files box) to operate an examination for the file on your PC].
  • 3. When the Search Results box arises, click on all files and folders.
  • 4. Then type SWcustEN.dll into the All or part of the list name box and click on Search.

Note: If it discovers the file, then you’ll need to Copy and Paste it to the System32 folder.

  • 5. You can unlock the System32 folder by pressing the windows key + R, typing %windir%system32 into the Run Command box, and clicking on OK.

Note: If the error statement implies more than one record, then you will require repeating this procedure for the different files.

  • 6. Once you have completed doing that, you can then retry the installation.

Note: If the system is incapable of discovering the DLL file on your computer, then you will need to develop the file from someplace else. There are numerous DLL directory websites out there. We wouldn’t approve any, but we do advise you to research entirely before you attempt to copy anything to your computer from these sites.

As with a variety of the DLL directory sites, you could try System File Checker, though this program is designed solely to restore previously damaged and/or deleted Windows files, so there’s a great chance that it will not fit.

Remove Leftover Entries

Remove Leftover Entries
Image source: Windows report

When trying to reinstall an application you may face the harmful error 0x80040702.

This problem arises when specks of an application (in the form of files) have been left behind by a prior installation.

This problem is somewhat simple to remedy, simply do the following:

1. Initially, boot into your computer with full organizational rights.

2. Then press the Windows key + R, type C: Program Files, and click on OK.

run -> C:Program Files

3. Once the Program Files folder occurs, discover the formerly uninstalled application folder and Erase it.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be required to attain a registry scan, which will eliminate all associate citations within the Windows registry. To accomplish this task you can utilize Advanced System Repair Pro, which we have already recommended.

Note: It’s not unusual for the Add or Removes Programs utility to not reduce every file and every registry source of an application, during an uninstallation. This is why uninstallation equipment was acquired, like Express Uninstaller.

These programs are manufactured to not only eliminate a program utilizing the built-in uninstaller, but also to achieve its manual reduction procedure, which affects surveying your hard drive for persisting files and eliminating them, and also surveying your registry, virtually abolishing any problems that may later happen due to the expansion of redundant files on your PC.

4. Regardless, once you have eliminated all files and registry references, you can directly try reinstalling the application that was formerly getting you difficulties.

Upgrading Software

End users may also experience error 0x80040702 while endeavoring to update an application.

For instance, you may encounter the error below when you strive to install a delayed edition of the Palm Treo 650 application:

Error Number: 0x80040702

Description: Failed to load DLL: HSAPI

To fix this dilemma, much like the prior problem, you will require to eliminate all samples of the application from your system. Yet, in this specific problem, it’s implied the application is presently installed on your network. Thus, we would recommend you use Express Uninstaller to eliminate the program, as it will reach all the following steps (mentioned above) automatically.

Are you still facing the same issue?

First of all, Restart your computer. And the Second thing is to clear the Windows Update download way. These points are only for skilled users! If you bobble your computer with Regedit, you could relinquish your records! Take care or utilize an experienced tool to analyze your computer.

1. Clasp your windows key pressed and hit the “R” key simultaneously.

2. A small new window will appear.

3. Type Regedit in this new window and hit Enter.

4. In the new windows you have navigation on the left side. Use it to navigate to


5. Once you originate it, examine WUServer and WIStatusServer in the right-hand pane.

6. If they are not documented we cannot clean the download path. Contrarily, withdraw both.

7. Restart your computer.

Try to search for new Updates again.

But in case you are still facing this issue, then this might not be a usual problem. We recommend you test your computer checked by a professional.