How to Get Porygon in Pokemon Go?

Porygon seems to be one of the most exciting Pokemon in the series since its debut in Pokemon Go. And, with its unique appearance and receiving two varying evolutions the interesting game progressively adds much more Pokemon. Moreover, porygon serves as a topic of interest among players of Niantic’s most popular mobile geocaching sensation.

In the series, porygon in pokemon go serves as the first pokemon created by humans in the world of pokemon. Porygon is a type of computer program that is brought to life in a pokemon lab that is situated on Cinnabar Island in the Kanto region. Moreover, it includes copy protection built into the code. Hence, varying types of pokemon make the series more interesting and attractive.

With porygon evolution in pokemon Go, certain players might not know properly all steps needed to grab it. Unlike any other pokemon, porygon requires two entirely separate items just to evolve completely. Just any other pokemon game, the new Pokemon Go is all about catching them. However, some are harder to find and catch, here is everything about how to get porygon in pokemon go.

Catching of porygon

There is only one ideal place where you could catch porygon amidst the wild, especially when heading towards route 7. Catch the pokemon amidst a grassy area that lies on the Celadon city side of the tunnel between lavender town and The town. It could also be caught just above the building that allows you to pass between Saffron and Celadon when you offer the guard tea.

Porygon seems to be a rare spawn, but the pokemon wander around for a long or might pop a lure or two. Moreover, you might spawn the pokemon amidst all of Raticate, Pidgey, and Growlithe. Hence, this is the only place where you could catch porygon in pokemon go, and here you require to grab a porygon catch chain to try and to grab the shiny variant.

Where to get porygon

Another sure way to get porygon in the series is from Celadon City Game Corner, and once you achieve the coin case in the city, you could purchase coins and make use of machines in Game Corner. This is the place where you can find the Team Rocket hideout. And, after grabbing some coins, you could buy a porygon for 6,500 coins from the NPC behind the desk.

As the new Pokemon Go game allows you to connect to various other players and with your Pokemon Go account, you could catch porygon in various other ways also. You could even trade with several other players, watching them give you the porygon in return for something else, or you could transfer the porygon.

Porygon evolution

Porygon’s two evolutions get added to the game at two varying times, which becomes partially responsible for unorthodox methods to reach the final stage. Its first evolution – porygon 2 gets added up in the second generation, while its final evolution – porygon Z gets added up in the fourth generation. For evolving porygon into porygon 2 in the game, you require to collect 25 porygon candies.

Every player should have or should be close enough to grab this amount of candies, and if not, players could walk with their porygon to grab candies every three kilometers. The following item that players require is to upgrade, and this exotic item only works on porygon in pokemon go so it becomes uncommon for players. Unlike every other evolutionary item in pokemon go, this exclusive item could be obtained via gyms or gifts received from other players.

After evolving porygon in porygon 2, you are required to evolve the pokemon into porygon-Z, and the porygon weakness is fighting players need to know before grabbing them. Unlike other evolution in-game, players would require to collect candies for the first step and that too 100 porygon candies. This could only be completed by transferring and catching porygons or by walking with your porygon.

Porygon pokemon

Porygon serves as a virtual pokemon, is entirely based on a 3D animation model, and is created out of polygons. It looks like a bird or like a duck, and its varying body parts are colored white, pink, and blue. Moreover, the pokemon’s eyes are hexagon shape, and porygon evolution is done in two stages.

Adaptability serves as the best ability for porygon as it permits an additional bonus to its stab, and remains a more consistent buff. Porygon-z could swap thunderbolt as its first move to transform into an electric type and becomes a more potent sweeper. And, its evolution is essential for better features.

Porygon is a normal pokemon but its origins are far from the normal ones, and it is a pokemon that only exists in cyberspace. The pokemon possesses a very simple design, and its feet are in a triangle shape, which includes a little complicated shape. Moreover, man-made pokemon could exist as computer code and be used to fix bugs in computers.

Porygon serves as a normal type of pokemon so porygon weaknesses and strengths are also normal enough. The pokemon possesses no resistance but is highly immune to ghostly moves and takes double damage from fighting moves.

Rarest pokemon in pokemon go

It is no secret that the entire world has become pokemon obsessed since the release of a highly interesting mobile game. Here is a list of some rare pokemon apart from porygon in pokemon go that serves as a great option for players obsessed to catch every pokemon.


With only twelve types of fire pokemon, this specific interesting creature could be hard to search for amidst the wild. Magmar pokemon seems to be a rare pokemon among all red fire types, for certain players, to find a magmar during midgame could become a daunting task as there are a huge number of users who have come across the game. Moreover, the hatching of magmar from an egg could be difficult as it is the only one known to be found in 10 km.


Featured next on the list of rare pokemon is the final evolution of one of the game’s starter pokemon – venusaur. Any player could start the game with this creature’s unevolved form Bulbasaur, and searching for this wild-like pokemon could be a daunting task. These pokemon don’t occur too often, but finding this rare pokemon could make the game more adventurous.


As the final evolution of another starter pokemon of the game – Blastoise is another famous character that is hard to find. Those who work or live near a water body might get encountered a certain number of Squirtles. But, finding enough turtles to achieve a fully evolved tank might prove difficult for various players.


Is the third and final starter evolution, and is difficult to find in the game, unlike many other pokemon. Charizard serves as the most famous character, and this pokemon is extremely hard to find in mobile games. This pokemon rank higher allows the players to capture the entire epic of the game, as the lucky players could catch this pokemon.

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Why is porygon so rare?

Porygon remained rare from the beginning, due to its man-made appearance and not many were designed in the first place.

Is porygon a rare pokemon?

Porygon serves as an artificial pokemon that is entirely created from programming code and is a very rare pokemon among all other pokemon.

Does porygon evolve?

Yes, porygon evolves in two forms – one in porygon 2 whenever traded with upgrade holding, that gets evolved into porygon-Z.


This would provide you with knowledge of how to get porygon in pokemon go and offers a great game. Moreover, Pokemon Go has become an overnight sensation and is in great demand among players. You experience hardships and hurdles, as some creatures are tough to find.