How to Paint a Wooden Chair?

Searching for a way to bring back life to an old piece of a wooden chair? A vibrant coat of paint serves as an easy way to refresh the chair’s look and make it as per your requirements. Whether you possess a fun color or white paint, semi-gloss, or chalk paint, you need to make sure that your wooden chair painting seems professional as it could enhance the look.

Solid wood furniture is both durable and beautiful, but the outlook of stained or natural doesn’t compliment every sort of decor. Painting a chair provides them with an entirely new life at an affordable price, and seems simple for people who are new to doing decoration. Just take some extra time in making your wooden chair preparation and achieve a durable and professional-looking painting of a wooden chair.

For certain people, to part with old and favorite things seems to be tough, such as a wooden chair that might possess sentimental value. It might be a sign of family possession or a piece that you bought from the market at a good price. So, if you don’t want to give the chair and desire to paint it, you need to know how to paint a wooden chair. The best news is that such a dilapidated wooden chair could be revamped entirely if you abide by some easy steps.

Lay a drop cloth

Ensure to cover up the area where you would be working with a drop cloth. No matter how careful you would be, accidents could occur, so it is best to take precautions.

Removal of dirt and dust

Go over your wooden chairs with some cloth to remove any sort of dirt and dust if it comes from a yard sale or the garage. But, be cautious of spiders if chairs are kept outside for long hours.

Cleaning of chairs

Clean up the wooden chairs thoroughly along with a degreasing cleaner like dishwashing liquid, or by the use of some sort of mineral spirits poured over a clean cloth just to remove grease and oil stains.

Examining the finish

Painting a chair requires proper finishing, so you require to examine the finishing appropriately. If it possesses smooth stain or paint, you don’t require to strip it off. If the paint on the chair is peeling or cracked, it needs to be removed. For that, you require to apply for a chemical stripper.

Make use of natural bristle brushes as certain strippers could destroy synthetic brushes. Allow the stripper to sit until it bubbles, then scrapes it off with the help of a hard plastic scraper. Work carefully and ensure not to gouge the wood with the corners of the scraper.

Fill up open grain

Apply grain filling paste along with a clean cloth if you are painting on an open-grained wooden chair. This activity would fill up the open grain that provides wooden chair painting a much solid surface to adhere to. Allow the grain filler to dry for almost 24 hours, though you need to make sure that the weather is humid or damp.

Chairs sanding

Sand the wooden chairs gently along with sandpaper, and making the surface rough allows the paint to adhere. It removes any sort of stray paint if you stripped it off and offers you the point on how to paint a wooden chair. Now, go over the wooden chairs again with the help of sandpaper. This would leave its surface rough for the paint to adhere to, but its smooth surface guarantees a beautiful finish.

Paint applying

Now, apply paint to wooden chairs as per your choice, though aerosol brush-on paints seem to be ideal paint options. Before painting a chair with a specific paint, ensure to read the label and know that paint could bear continuous cleaning. Allow the paint’s first coat to dry for almost 24 hours.

Sand to achieve smooth finishing

Sand between coats of paint along with fine sandpaper if you wish to achieve mirror smooth finishing. This step is not mandatory, but if you do sand among coats make sure to clean every particle of dirt with a cloth before application of its next coat.

Sealing with polyurethane

Ensure to seal your wooden chairs with polyurethane just to protect them from various factors. Polyurethane is available in gloss and matte finishing that could be applied in brush or roller or aerosol form. Allow the chairs to dry for 48 hours before their usage.

Things to know before painting

Before starting with the painting process, just check that the wooden chair is in a good situation with no broken legs or seats. If the chair is sturdy, it would be good for painting. Then, check the chair’s surface, if it seems less painted or shiny, it is suggested to do light sanding just before the painting process.

This is not essential but the better the surface, the easier it would be for the paint to adhere. If the chair is of bare wood, a light sanding would help in smoothening of bumps. Or, if the chair is old, offer it with proper cleanup with wire wool and scrub. Ensure to work outside or in a well-ventilated area during the sanding process with your masks on your face.

Wooden chair painting ideas

Are you having a wooden chair taking up space in the garage? Provide it with a fresh face and new life along with various simple painting ideas. Moreover, the wooden chair could become a major focus of an area for your home. Painting a chair is simple enough, but for that, you need to know about various steps that tell about how to paint a wooden chair. Let’s dive into some exciting paint ideas to paint wooden chairs.

Paint Splatters

The easiest way for painting a wooden chair is with simple paint splattering, but first, you need to clean and wipe off the chair. Paint the chair with vibrant white, glossy black, or with any other shade, but it should be entirely dried before splattering.

Ensure to protect your work area and dip a regular paintbrush in paint and then splatter it over the chair. The beauty of this painting a chair idea is great, as the splatters would weather subtly and its wear seems organic.

Dip and Spray

Spray paint serves as the easiest way to offer the wooden chair a makeover. Spray the paint via a lace onto the seat or at the back of the chair. The result seems to be delicate and intricate, and decide if you require a second coat of paint before the lace moving.

Tape the paper in a position to achieve a more exact pattern, and after that, you could throw them off for easy cleaning. Now, dip the legs or arms of the chair in paint to get a luxurious layer to the chairs. Ensure to purchase sample-sized plants from the hardware store.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is the most unique paint idea for wooden chair painting, and in this, you could make use of milk paint or chalk paint, available in powder form. The chalk paint serves as matte that possesses a washout and streaky outlook when thinned.

Waxing of milk and chalk-painted chairs along with furniture wax provides protection and offers the wooden chair a more lustrous look. Chalk paint provides a weathered outlook that serves as a great option for camouflaging that offers a unique flavor and vintage features.

Multi-color grouping

Try to paint each wooden chair with a varying color of the rainbow, either in vibrant paint or select soft matte finish or subtle finish paint. The result seems to be amazing along with a neutral dining table, or in any other setup.

Gradient color

Another great idea for painting a chair is to paint every chair with a gradient shade of common color that could be taken into use in the home, office, or kitchen. Paint the wooden chairs with gradient colors to provide distinctive and similar features.

These types of wooden chairs seem to be a great option for a room or near a closet, and ombre colors are perfect for reinforcing the color scheme. The easy way to gradient the paint is to keep lightening it along with thinner that offers varying shades.

Precise lines

Try out some modern treatments with the help of masking tapes to design some accurate geometric designs, patterns, and lines on varying areas of a wooden chair. Try out varying finishes, such as gloss and matte, that get separated by angled, straight, or zigzag lines designed with tape. Make use of small rollers or brushes as it is the best way for wooden chair painting.

Paint and stain pairing

Another cool beautiful design for wooden chairs is to come with a stain for a pairing that offers great results. Stain the eye-catching parts of the wooden chair just to enhance its natural beauty, and paint the areas that require concealment. Stain the seat and back of the wooden chair, paint its legs and achieve a sophisticated outlook.


Get to know everything about how to paint a wooden chair along with some exotic and unique painting ideas that offer an adorable look to the wooden chairs. Paint wooden chairs are not that tough, you only need to make sure that the chair is properly cleaned before it’s painted. Moreover, painting wooden chairs enhance the decor and add a splash of vibrant colors.