Tasty Cheese Ball Recipe

These old-school, creamy cheese balls are no less than an explosion in your mouth! The ultimate combination of crunchy outer crumb and exciting cheesy center make the dish one of the most favorites. And the best part of the dish is that it only takes 30 minutes to cook and to put together. Moreover, these delicious crispy potato cheese balls serve as a great party snack.

These are addictive, enriched with flavor, and are a favorite among grown-ups and kids. Mouth-watering fried cheese balls could be made in varying ways, and the recipe is pretty quick and simple enough to make at home. You can serve the dish without any sauce, dip, or chutney as they are mildly spiced and well-flavored.

Cheese balls are an awesome snack to order when you dine out, but they could be made at home also. Although, there is a chance of their bursting if making is not correct, and for that, you need to make them with focus. Once you make it right, there is no stopping you from indulging in these delicious cheese ball recipes.

The cheese balls are creamy, hot, crunchy, and everything that you could wish for in a snack. The dish is pretty simple to make and doesn’t take much time in grabbing the attention of people. The delicious dish is inexpensive to make and will be a great hit among your friends and family. Moreover, it is lightly flavored and the balls are fried to achieve a crisp coating.

Ingredients for making cheese balls

Here comes the major ingredients that you will require to make the fried cheese balls that make them tastier.


A blend of both cheddar and mozzarella cheese offers an ideal combination of a creamy flavor and stringy texture. But, ensure to make use of shredded cheese or cheese cubes cut into small pieces as it would be easy to combine with other ingredients.


Potato serves as the major ingredient, as it helps in binding other ingredients together and blends perfectly with the cheese which offers a better texture. Crunchy varying colored bell peppers, chopped into small pieces, along with some sweet corn to provide extra flavor.


Pepper, chilies, and Italian seasoning along with more garlic get an extra yum factor into the cheese ball recipe.

Binding agents

All-purpose flour and cornflour make a slurry that allows smooth breadcrumb coating, thus retaining the shape of cheese balls.


Select leftover bread in the food processor, or pick out a packet from the shelf. Breadcrumbs make the snack crispy along with a crunchy coating.

How to make cheese balls?

Desire to make a tasty cheese ball recipe? Here are detailed steps that would help you to make wonderful cheese balls.

  • Firstly, boil potatoes in whatever way you prefer, as they don’t get too soft and mushy. Ensure to keep the skin on during the boiling process as it avoids them from getting too mushy.
  • Now, take off the skin of the potatoes.
  • Mesh the potatoes properly, and there should be no lumps and they should be soft after mashing. To avoid lumps, you could first grate them and then mash them.
  • Now, add up powdered poha or bread crumbs, along with pepper, red chili flakes, and dried herbs. Also, add a little bit of salt, and note that the cheese is salted.
  • Then, add ginger garlic paste and coriander leaves for exotic flavors.
  • Now, mix everything properly and make a huge ball. The mixture should be non-sticky and not dry.
  • Once done with this, divide the mixture into 8-10 balls.
  • Now, cut the cheese into pieces, and add seasonings like red chili flakes, all spices, Italian herbs, and pepper.
  • Now, mix the entire seasoning properly and sprinkle it over the cheese.
  • Now, spread the potato ball evenly into small discs, and avoid it spreading too thinly. Due to the thin layer of cheese that might come out during frying, place one piece of cheese at the center.
  • Bring the potato disc’s sides together to entirely cover the cheese, and ensure to roll it gently.
  • Make sure to make a round ball with a cheese piece in the center.
  • Add around 2 tbsp of cornflour in a bowl and roll the cheese balls in the cornflour.
  • Roll all balls into cornflour and leave them aside for almost 10 minutes.
  • Now, add 3 tbsp of water to 2 tbsp of cornflour and make an even mixture, and spread breadcrumbs into a plate. Firstly, dip every ball into the corn flour mixture and then roll the balls in breadcrumbs.
  • To make the fried cheese balls more crispy, repeat the above step once more.

Frying of cheese balls

You can also fry or bake these cheese balls, for that read the steps that tell how to make cheese balls or how to fry them.

  • Heat oil in a slightly deep and wide pan that could cover almost half of the cheese balls. Ensure to check that the oil is hot enough or not, as the balls need to rise immediately without getting brown.
  • Set the flame to medium-high, gently slide the cheese balls into the oil and let them fry for 30-60 seconds. Don’t stir them as it could break open the balls.
  • Fry the cheese balls until crisp and golden, and discard the used oil.
  • Hand over the fried cheese balls onto tissue paper.
  • Now, serve them immediately with sauce or chutney.

Tips to make cheese ball recipe

  • Boil the potatoes until done without making the potatoes too mushy and soggy. As soggy or overcooked potatoes require more breadcrumbs for absorbing the moisture which could alter their taste.
  • To provide the cheese balls with Indian touch you could make use of garam masala and Kasuri methi. Moreover, the combination of spices and herbs lends great flavor to the cheese balls.
  • To achieve a nice crust and more crunchiness, ensure to double-crumb the balls to avoid them from losing their shape.
  • Make sure to keep the cheese balls in the fridge for almost 15-20 minutes before frying, as it makes the balls solidify along with holding their shape.
  • You can add more types of veggies as per your choice during mixing, but make sure not to add too much.
  • Don’t reheat the cheese balls as they possess a very high oily texture, so serve the snack immediately when hot.

Making cheese balls healthy

  • If you don’t like breadcrumbs then skip the ball rolling in it. Roll the balls in cornstarch and bake or fry them.
  • To prevent corn starch, you can replace it with any other whole-grain flour. But, make sure that the flour is smooth and fine.
  • Prevent its deep frying and try to bake them at 200*C and that too in a preheated oven for around 15 minutes.
  • To make it more healthy, make the cheese ball recipe by preventing bread scrubs entirely. Instead, make use of coarse poha powder for the crust and potato mixture.


Here is a detailed guide about how to make cheese balls that seems to be very exciting and delicious. Try out the recipe at your home and make everyone’s heart content. Moreover, it acts as the best snack that is loved by every person nowadays, as it is tasty and easy to make.