How to Improve Your Internet Privacy

Are you worried about your information being vulnerable to theft and misuse on the internet? Not only you but everyone should be concerned about their internet privacy. Technology is advancing each day. As everything has pros and cons, internet technology also has broad advantages, but there are some loopholes. Nowadays, people are misusing the internet. They exploit the information that you post on social media and also the content you view on Google.

Marketers use your information to track you and target you with specific ads according to your searched data. Misuse of the internet by some entitlement of society is a problem, but as there is also a solution to every problem, there is also a solution for this. There are ways by which you can improve your internet privacy. We have explained in detail the methods of strengthening internet privacy and how you can apply them.

Ways to Boost your Internet Privacy


Use A Virtual Private Network

VPN improves your internet privacy in a way that no one can do. VPN masks your internet protocol, so your online actions are virtually untraceable. Even the government systems won’t be able to trace your information if you use VPN. This way, you can keep yourself safe from the websites that outline your data, location, information while you are surfing on their site. Any cybercriminal won’t be able to access your personal information, which renders you safe from cybercriminals. It’s best to use a paid VPN solution from a trusted VPN service provider.

Use a Different Search Engine

Suppose you are the one who regularly surfs the internet using Google. Then I would advise you to switch to some different search engines that keep you anonymous. Search engines keep your search history and click anonymously. No one comes to know what you have seen online or where you have connected which products you have visited. Specific anonymous search engines also block ads on websites. So I prefer such search engines to improve your online privacy and security.

Don’t Overshare Your Life events on Social Media.

Nowadays, it’s become a trend to share each moment of life with the fans of followers on social media. This might be the same fantastic way to gain more fans and followers, but it’s also the way of inviting cybercrime towards yourself. The information that you share on social media makes it easy for criminals to trace where you are, to trace your password, which in turn leads to various crimes. So, avoid sharing every detail about your personal life on social media. Another way to protect your data on social media is to keep your account private that way. You would just share your information with the people you know and trust.

Avoid Using Public Storage to Safe Your information.

There are many storage apps available online. That ensures you keep your information safe from other people. But what about the service provider? They have access to all your data. However, they might not allow access to other people to your information. But they can still have access to your data, passwords, documents that you save on their apps. So, the best way is to avoid keeping your information on any such apps online. Don’t use any services that are meant to save your private information.

Think Before You Click

Whenever any app asks for permission, do you take a moment to stop and see what license they are asking for? For most of you, the answer to this might be no. You just blindly accept and click on yes and allow them permission to see your storage, location, camera, etc. First, you need to check whether the service provider is good or not. If not necessary, avoid installing any app on your Mobile.

So I hope now you got your answer for how to protect your privacy online. If you are alert, no one can cheat you. So, be alert while using internet services and be safe!