Words That Work: How to Write a Profile For Freelance Writing

In the dynamic landscape of the gig economy, freelancing is a phrase that is increasing day by day as a rewarding career option for individuals with a passion for words and an interest in doing studies. As freelancing has become quite popular in the recent day everybody wants to join the field to receive the extra reward system this career provides. 

However, they try their best but are not able to boost their career. For those freelancer who are stuck with their career and want to increase their career growth, this article has the appropriate information and technique.

Additionally, the freelancers who are doing great and started long ago in the career field can also go through to check if there is something they do not have and can adapt from the article as this article is created based on the latest information in which the data it has new and fresh.

In this article, we will explore the field of freelancing a little and give a guide to enlighten freelancers on the importance of a freelancing profile. Also, will help you write a profile for freelance writing in addition to your niche. 

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Understanding the Target Audience

Identifying the ideal Clients for freelance writing

Freelancing is a vast career in which many kinds of jobs can be taken based on different niches.  So it is important for each and every freelancer to clearly define its proficiency niche or we can say the area in which the freelancer is expertise in writing.

This will make the target audience list small and freelancers now can focus on the clients who are under their niche. Then there are different methods by which a freelancer can start the engagement process. 

The freelancer can use social media platforms, community groups, or famous freelancing websites like Freelancer, and Upwork to directly target the client.

However, opening an account on those platforms will not give you work automatically. As a freelancer, you have to compete with others in the same field by winning the client your communication and demonstrating a strong portfolio. 

Researching the specific needs and preferences of the target audience

In the field of freelancing client’s main priority is to find a competent writer who can complete their task or research with perfection leaving no room for complaints.  

Due to this while finding writers clients often ask them questions about their previous work experiences and familiarity with the work they are providing them. 

For the new in the field, it becomes hard as they do not have that much experience in the practical field. However, they can still do many things to attract and win the client. in which they can assure the client by sending drafts and other information with proper conversation confirmations. 

Crafting a Compelling Introduction 

Choosing an Attention-Grabbing Headline or Tagline

 As freelancer, you have to face different documents regularly and have to think of ways to craft a compelling introduction. To do that you will be choosing attention-grabbing headlines and taglines.

A headline is something which gives your introduction a dynamic start and then you can write about the topic to make it look good and read strong.

In which you will write the definition first then the aim and then the explanation with benefits and other factors to make the introduction look compelling.

Highlighting Relevant Qualifications and Expertise

  • Anybody can be a freelancer with appropriate knowledge and skills. 
  • A freelancer should know the ways of Research and methodology subject to write research works.
  • Particularly no special educational course is necessary to do freelancing just experience and skills are required. 
  • When creating a portfolio make sure to highlight your skills and general education qualifications.
  • Feature relevant works and testimonials you have gathered over time working on different documents and with clients. 
  • Give clear achievements you have achieved in the field of freelancing or something which boosts the portfolio.

Showcasing Experience and Skills 

Structuring a Clear and Concise Work History Section

  •  To create a portfolio you will need to create a section in which you have to clearly and concisely add your work history section to increase the impact of communication with clients.
  • Always try to put clear job heading with concise descriptions of those jobs to make the client understand which niche and area you have worked in.
  • Additionally, the description should be bullet point or short to make it easy for the clients to read out.
  • in the description provide crucial keywords which clients look for while going through the works to match with your work.
  • Make sure to write your growth in the process of working.
  • Recommended clients to see certain jobs for reference and win their trust and earn work. 

Highlighting Standout Projects and Achievements

  • In the field of freelancing projects and achievement that all.
  • Freelancers should highlight them like medals.
  • To make them shine create two different sections in your portfolio.
  • Nowadays on the platform, different sections are already created so just go in those sections and provide information.
  • While providing information provide the job deadline and wordcount.
  • Also, the topic and some points about it which you like and what kind of work that was.
  • In the achievement section highlight the skills you gained over time while doing freelancing or you have and use it often in the field. 

Demonstrating Expertise through Measurable Results

In the competitive field where every freelancer is competing with each other, demonstrating expertise through measurable outcomes is a powerful way to stand out and attract clients and audiences towards you.

Always try to articulate the achievements you have instead of vague statements. As providing a specific number will impact the client and increase the rate of likeability. 

As mentioned above you should always take feedback from the client to highlight them into your measurable outcomes as an achievement and create a zone of trust without communing.

Describing Writing Style and Voice

Defining and Explaining the Unique Writing Style

In the freelancing world, there are many writing styles in which a freelancer has to voice it differently. Understanding a work’s writing style is very important as without it a writer cannot do the work perfectly and it will definitely fail in the future.

As for the writing style, the basics are formal and informal to add on these two there are more styles like persuasive, descriptive, narrative, and technical style. Each style is different and leaves a uniqueness to work when chosen perfectly. 

Writing a work in the best style does not fulfill the criteria for perfection there need to be a perfect. The writer should be aware of the voice he will be writing on behalf of.

For instance, in a work, the writer is directly writing as the client means a reflection or as a third person. In reflection, it is me who is sharing my experiences and all. However,  the third person is a huge scope in which the writer sometimes has to be the audience’s voice or sometimes has to be a researcher’s voice. 

So it is important for a writer to clearly understand these techniques and format. Understanding these perfectly can guarantee him success in the field of freelancing.     

Providing Writing Samples that Exemplify the Desired Voice

  • The understanding of writing style and voice can give an advantage to freelancers to explain the work to the client and show their knowledge as a plus point.
  • When you are a starter in the freelancing career adding documents with different topics and material is great. which includes and depicts different writing styles and voices.
  • The freelancer should carefully provide the documents and should not download them. To ignore any irrelevant document upload.
  •  providing those samples and work in the freelancing platform will increase the portfolio and attract the clients too.   

Utilizing Keywords and SEO Optimisation

Understanding the Importance of keywords for online visibility

In the field of freelancing understanding keywords is a good sign. As a freelancer, you have to prioritize using some words repeatedly in work to make it search easier.

Keywords are the words that clients or audiences type in the search bar to find a certain something. As SEO works to optimise the result it provides all the things that have that word used more than one time or multiple times.

When freelancers create a document they use this keyword method to promote the paper search results by using the word more than once. 

This same thing can work and can be applied to portfolios as those are also information and SEO-driven. In each section of your portfolio use important keywords which a client or audience might search with to increase the visibility of the account and attract clients.

Conducting keyword research relevant to the freelance writing niche

As mentioned above understanding the keywords is a good sign and keywords are created for making something visible in a search. However, what keywords are important and what are not? How to make sure that the problem many have thought of. 

So the answer to this question is simple you need to understand the topic first before deciding on the keywords. If know of keyword research tools that are great SEMrush, Ahref, and Ubersuggest can provide insights into search volume, competition, and related keywords.

However, if you are not aware of those it is also okay to use long tail keywords which are hidden inside the topic or use a local keyword which you encounter multiple times while creating the document.

There is a plus point you can use the SEO yourself to check those words’ presence and then use them. 

Integrating Keywords Strategically throughout the profile

Strategically creating and placing keywords into the profile is a way to increase the visibility of the account in which freelancers put keywords in between different headings and make it visible to the audience with smartness.

For example in a profile there are different sections that we consider headings in which “About” is the Introduction and “Description” is the overview you need to make sure you put words smartly over there to highlight the below information.

Also, if possible use the hashtags in the writing to make the words highlight more which are in the below information. this will make your account visible and friendlier with SEO.   


Testimonials and Recommendations

  • While working with a client always make sure to note down their requirements.
  • As a freelancer, you should always try your best to not delay the work. try to be on time as per the deadlines.
  • The writing should be clear and simple to increasing the readability and understanding level. 
  • A writer should be aware of the structure and proper referencing styles. 

Gathering Positive Feedback from past Clients or Colleagues

  • It is important to gather feedback from clients to increase the portfolio strength. 

As those comments can be posted in the portfolio as the work that a freelancer does for the client is confidential and the private property of that person cannot be shared without permission.

  • While collecting the feedback can take permission to show it for experience purposes but will not be sharing or using the data again in any other document. 

Including Testimonials that Highlight Strengths and Professionalism

  • Taking Testimonials from clients is important due to it shows the quality of the work that freelancers have done for that client.
  • The testimonials attract other people to trust the freelancer and provide similar work.
  • The reviews from the client just increase the freelancer’s overall experience and make him present to different clients not as a newbie but as a professional. 

Personalizing the Profile 

Infusing the Profile with a Touch of Personality of Personality and Authenticity

Clients who are looking for freelancers are often attracted by their profiles which is why creating an attractive profile which showcases your unique skills is very important. You can easily personalize your profile and do so first you need to add an introduction about your passion for writing. Then you can write about your skills or in which area you are an expert in writing. Then to make our profile look more attractive you can mention why clients should choose you or what benefits they would get if they choose you to write their content.

Now clients do not really trust freelancers so in order to create that trust you should add your samples of your work in for profile so that the client can easily review your work. However, you should always make sure that your profile is not too long and is also easy to understand. Lastly you should add your contact details to make sure that they can easily contact you.

Incorporating Personal Interests or Hobbies to Create a Connection

When clients are looking at your profile they are not always looking at your skills or expertise but sometimes they often want to see your hobbies or personal interests. This is because hobbies create a bridge to connect you to your clients and make you more memorable to them. This is the reason why you should always add your hobbies to your profile. However, you should remember to always connect your hobbies to your writing skills like if your hobby is cooking then relate it by saying that you are an expert in writing about food or lifestyle articles.

Building Credibility and Trust

Showcasing Certification Degrees or Relevant Training

 You often heard that to be successful as a freelancer you need to gain the trust of your client and in order to do so you must show them your professional certifications or degrees.

  • You should always mention your degrees at the start of your profile so that they catch the attention of your client.
  • Always make sure to display your certifications in a clear and easy-to-read format.
  • If you want to add an extra feature you can always include a link which would guide the client to your certification.
  • Do not just mention your education or certification but also make sure to relate them to your writing skills.

Demonstrating a Strong Knowledge Base Through Specialised Qualification

Clients in the writing industry are not looking for people to write their content but they are looking for experts to write their content so you should mention your strong knowledge in writing content. Also, you should always make sure to get as many certifications as possible to highlight your knowledge in writing. Another thing you can do is attend workshops or training session that focuses on a specific niche and mention your training in your profile. This training certification would make your profile more attractive to the clients.

Updating and Maintaining the Profile

Regularly Reviewing and Revising the Profile to Reflect Growth and Expertise

As a freelancer writer just creating a profile and making it attractive would not do the trick you should constantly update and maintain your profile. You should always include your recent feedback, certifications, advanced degrees, knowledge, and training to show your clients about your continuous growth and evolving expertise.

Also if you are committed to regularly updating and reviewing your profile this would reflect your dedication to success and to stay updated with recent trends and information. This would also help you to gain the trust of your clients and also make them more attracted and committed to your services.

Incorporating Recent Projects And Accomplishments

 You may have noticed that there is always advised to include your recent projects and accomplishments in your profile this is because it helps you to showcase your current expertise to your clients. This would make sure that your clients know about your skills, relevance, and your ability to deliver quality content.

Also mentioning a recent project not only highlights your skills but also clients know that you have the capacity to deliver them content accordingly to their expectations and within the deadline that they provide.


In the above article, there is information on the field of freelancing which can help freelancers understand and boost their career growth and the priority of profile writing. The writing of a profile is important as that thing makes sure to assure your working quality and genuineness among the clients and make them trust you.

Also, the first thing a client encounters while searching is your account which you have created on a freelancing website to target audience. So it is important to make sure to compellingly adjust your account and persona.