Your Cat Has Dandruff? Get Rid of It By Following These Steps

Itchy skin can come from different conditions for cats, but it is easy to treat at home. If your cat seems to be more itchy than usual, it simply seems to be dandruff. Cat for dandruff is common, and it is a little uncomfortable and unsightly but not dangerous and can be treated either with a veterinarian or by using natural remedies. Usually, cat dandruff is caused when the cat doesn’t groom properly, or the skin is dry, which can mostly occur in dry areas of the country, such as rocky regions.

Symptoms of Cat Dandruff:

The symptoms of cat dandruff include white flakes on skin, bedding, or fur. Some of the symptoms are listed below:

  • Redness of the Skin
  • Itching
  • Hair loss
  • Feeling Unwell

Why Does My Cat Have Dandruff?

Cats can have dandruff due to several reasons. Some of the cat dandruff are listed below:

  • Lack of fatty acids in their diet
  • Potential Health Issues
  • Obesity
  • Dehydration

Lack of Fatty acids in their diet:

Like humans, cats also need a balanced diet to remain healthy. Omega fatty acids like fish oil are more helpful for maintaining healthy skin. If your cat lacks these nutrients, this may cause of their dandruff. 

Potential health issues:

Cat dandruff may signal severe health issues like parasites, allergies, or feline diabetes. The cat dandruff treatment helps to prevent your cats from dandruff.


Generally, cats need more water to keep hydrated. If your cat doesn’t drink enough water, it may cause dry and Flaky Skin. The cat has dandruff due to dehydration.


Usually, the cats with excessive fat find it difficult to groom themselves. Regular grooming is needed to keep them clean and help to avoid dandruff.

What causes cat dandruff?

Cat dandruff occurs due to several factors. Some of the important causes are listed below:

  • Dietary Causes
  • Poor Grooming
  • Mites
  • Affected by the Ringworm infection

Dietary Causes:

You can use Omega-3 fatty acids found in some oils for the cat’s healthy skin and coat shine. A poor diet control or the wrong fatty acids keeps the skin dry and unhealthy. Fish oil is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, when a cat has dandruff it prevents the cat from dry skin.

Poor Grooming:

The cat spends much time grooming. When the cat’s grooming, it disturbs natural skin oil all over the body, giving a healthy skin. Some cats cannot groom themselves, which leads to cause dandruff. Cat has dandruff because of the poor grooming.


Mites may cause dandruff in the cat. These mites spread from one pet to another in your home. Mites usually prefer to live in the cats in which the cat has dandruff, but the cat owner can remove the mites, so it is very important to treat them properly under the guidance of your veterinarian.

Affected by the Ringworm infection:

Mostly Ringworm is the dermatophyte fungal infection that causes round hairless patches that are usually red and itchy. Still, ringworm is found throughout the skin and hair of some cats. The ringworm may be transferred easily from the cats to humans, so it is important to treat it properly.

How to get rid of cat dandruff?

If you notice that your cat is affected by dandruff, you should get rid of cat dandruff using the following methods:

  • Moisture your cat skin
  • Use special shampoo
  • Place a humidifier in your home
  • Limit sun exposure
  • Maintain your cat hydrated
  • Feed a Nutritious diet
  • Groom regularly with a brush

Moisture your cat skin:

Use natural and cat-specific moisturizers to keep more moisture on your skin and reduce dandruff.

Use special shampoo:

Bathing your cat with soothing, moisturizing shampoo can help your cat relieve itching and remove dandruff. Use dandruff shampoo for cats to keep your cat’s skin healthy. Avoid using human shampoo for the cat, which makes dandruff worse.

Place a humidifier in your home:

humidifier fo cats

A humidifier helps to keep the air from becoming dry in your home. The air moisture helps keep your cat’s skin in good condition.

Limit sun exposure:

Limit sun exposure:

If your cat likes to go outside, try to keep your cats inside on hot days, which prevents the cat’s skin from drying.

Maintain your cat hydrated:

Maintain your cat hydrated:
International Cat Care

Always ensure that you keep your cat hydrated. See that your cat’s water bowl is always clean and filled with water.

Feed a Nutritious diet:

Feed a Nutritious diet:

Ensure that the food you feed your cat is formulated for healthy skin. Add a supplement like fish oil which provide an additional omega-3 fatty acid. Always check with the veterinarian to determine the proper amount.

Groom regularly with a brush:

Lucky Drwg Pet Grooming Salon

Brush your cats two or three times a week to remove the loose hair. Make sure to brush in the right direction of the hair growth. This will help your cat’s skin be healthy and remove dandruff.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does brushing your cat help with dandruff?

Brushing usually increases the circulation all over the skin and disperses your cat’s natural oils. It allows you to monitor the health of your cat’s fur coat and skin.

How can I treat my cat’s dandruff without a bath?

Without a bath, you can treat dandruff naturally by investing in a home humidifier. Treat for the parasites. Do a regular grooming routine for your cat and try new healthy food. Ensure drinking water is clean and filled in the bowl. Reduce environmental stress.

Can dandruff be removed permanently?

Yes, you can remove your cat’s dandruff permanently under the guidance of your veterinarian or by using the natural home cat dandruff remedy.

Can lemon remove dandruff?

Yes, lemon can remove dandruff in cats because of the major component of citric acid. It helps to remove dandruff from the root level. Also, the lemon can fight fungus, which causes dandruff.

Is onion good for dandruff?

Yes, onion is the best dandruff fighter as it contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties.


Can dandruff can be caused by various things. If you notice that your cat has dandruff, mostly the cat isn’t grooming as much, it seems to have dry skin, suffers from obesity, or may notice some changes in its haircoat. Maintain proper good health to prevent your cats from dandruff.

Contact your veterinarian regularly.