How to Get Rid of Hickey; 9 Best Tips and Tricks

At times, expressing deep love creates love bites or hickeys that every girl uses to hide. It is easy to get hickey, but it takes some time to get rid of hickeys permanently. But, some tips help get rid of the hickeys faster, and it needs some patience to hide or get rid of the marks created by the love scars. Experts like dermatologists suggest the best possible ways to hide the signs of love bites, and you can apply such expert techniques and ideas to get rid of the love marks. 

What is a hickey?

It is essential to know the hickey meaning to understand it first; understanding the concept helps find the right solution for the issue. Hickey is nothing but the dark mark on the skin caused by intense suction, and it takes time to fade away by it. 

The deep suction is likely to damage the small blood vessels or the blood capillaries, generally termed bruises. There are possibilities for blood leakage in deep suction, so the scar mark or hickey appears. 

The color change of the skin reveals what had happened precisely, so girls feel shy about the bruises and want to hide them from their parents and society. A love bite is the mark of intimacy, and hence it is a personal issue for the girls to hide it. 

How do get rid of hickeys fast?

Hickeys take their own time to heel as the blood capillaries need to return to their form, and the skin needs to heal. In general, hickeys take two weeks to heal, but some possibilities help in clearing the issue of how to remove a hickey? 

Healing the hickey depends upon the suction, and it varies from one person to another. The immediate relief for hickeys is applying cold packs to the bruised area. It makes the skin cool and helps in releasing the blood clot. You can use the rigid box at regular intervals or as per your comfort, and only you can reduce the pain by this method, but the mark of the love bite remains by this process. 

When the hickey lasts for more than 48 hours, then a hot bag massage will relieve you. The hot bag massage also relieves the pain to a certain extent and helps increase the blood flow that helps in clearing the bruise or love bite faster. 

How to cover a hickey?

How to hide a hickey? Here are the best possible ways to hide the hickeys. You can apply these ideas to hide or cover the hickeys.

One of the best ways of hiding the hickeys is by using a makeup kit or tools. You can use the green-tinted concealer to hide the red marks or tones of the skin. You can even apply foundation on the skin lighter than your skin shade. Direct application of the foundation over the hickey hides it by improving the skin tone and texture.

The other ways of hiding the hickey without the makeup technique are as follows.

  • You can use a breezy scarf to cover the neck area
  • Make use of the choker set to hide your love bite
  • You can even use band-aids in the affected area to hide and get relief
  • Use a collared shirt to conceal the mark
  • Try to hide the impact by using a novelty scarf

In general, hickeys are caused in the neck area; hence, the abovementioned ideas are suggested to cover the neck area. 

Tips to get rid of hickeys:

Here are the tips that help in hickey removal, and you can apply any of the information to get away from the love bites. The tips include

  • Apply Arnica get or cream to the affected skin to clear the hickey faster
  • The topical application of vitamin K helps in healing the hickey faster
  • Applying natural aloe vera gel is the safe and natural way of healing hickey
  • Banana peel helps in giving relief and also helps in healing the hickey faster
  • Brush the area with a new toothbrush to stimulate the blood circulation that helps in faster relief
  • Leave the room for rest without disturbing it for more immediate relief
  • Massage the affected area with peppermint essential oil to reduce the severity of the hickey
  • Massage gently to improve the blood circulation
  • Apply cocoa butter in the affected area to get faster relief

The above nine tips and tricks help lower the pain and increase the healing and recovery process, but it takes some time to get complete relief from the hickey.

Get rid of hickeys in the neck:

When they go beyond their emotions and romance, people generally bite the neck area. It is known that hickeys on the neck are likely to last from two days to two weeks, depending on the effects of remedies and blood circulation. Some of the standard methods give possible results in healing and getting rid of the hickeys faster. 

Get rid of hickeys by following expert advice:

The fastest way to get rid of hickey is following the expert’s advice in extreme conditions. In severe infections, the experts suggest laser treatment to hide the signs and marks of a hickey. It is due to the damage to the blood vessels, and it takes time to heal the hickey naturally. Sometimes, leaving the hickeys as such is also a way of faster healing and relief. Undisturbed hickey is likely to heal faster and better. 

Effects of a hickey:

Though hickey is the reflection of the happiest and romantic moments, it is likely to affect an individual’s life. Hence individuals try to get rid of hickeys with possible ways to remain free from the scars and the marks of a love biter or hickey. 


Hickey might cause damage to the blood vessels that lead to stroke in some conditions. Hence, it is advisable to apply all the preventive measures before involving in love bites or hickey for the safety of the individuals. 


Are hickeys bad?

Hickeys are not bad, but it is likely to damage the skin.

How long do hickeys last?

The hickeys last for two days to two weeks to heal completely.

Can hickey cause death?

There are possibilities that deep hickeys can cause stroke and lead to death.