12 Pig Craft Ideas for Kids’ Creativity

The craze for art and craft has grown a lot in the last few years. It has been introduced in many schools as a part of their curriculum. Students, especially in the lower classes enjoy making crafts. Are your kids enjoy crafting too?

Animals are really an interesting subject in art and craft. We can make a lot of things by studying nature and animals. Kids find making art and craft very enjoyable which resemble animals. When small kids imagine farms, only one picture strikes their mind. It includes huge barns with many animals such as cows, pigs, horses, hens, and many more.

When it comes to art and craft, every kid in the playgroup or junior classes should be encouraged to take active participation in this field. There are numerous ideas regarding pig crafts. If you know the Peppa Pig or you are a great fan of pig crafting, then you will definitely love the pig craft ideas.

One more thing….

These crafts are definitely suitable for Lunar New Year and for every person who explores Zodiac Animals. If you are someone who is born who was born in the Pig Year, there are high chances that you will like these pig art and craft ideas.

Beautiful Pig Crafts for Kids  

In this list, we have added an eclectic combination of beautiful pig craft ideas that kids would love to make. Here we are mainly talking about pig papercrafts. It includes Pig Cootie Catchers, bookmarks, various origamis, paper plate crafts, flashcards, paper pig puppets, and many more.

Paper Pig Cootie Catchers

Paper Pig Cootie Catchers | Pig Craft Ideas
*Source- easypeasyandfun

Everyone adores these little pigs made from paper. In this craft, we turn cute-looking pink papers into Paper Pig Cootie catchers. It is a wonderful item to play with either as puppets or something with messages written inside it.

Pig Corner Bookmarks

Pig Corner Bookmarks | Pig Craft Ideas
*Source- Easypeasyandfun

Every pig art and craft idea is completely incomplete without these beautiful Pig Corner Bookmarks. These bookmarks are so easy and you can gift these to your friends and family. To make this you can grab origami paper or any pink paper. In this way, you can have a bunch of piggies in your life.

Origami Pig Face

Origami Pig Face
*Source- Kids Art & Craft

This is a wonderful and easy variety of Pig Craft Ideas for kids. This pig craft does not require any glue. All you need is pink paper and a few pens. This would go really well if you are thinking about including it in collages or greeting cards. Just make a whole pig family with pink papers.

Paper Plate Rocking Pig

Paper Plate Rocking Pig
*Source- Red Ted Art

This is an absolutely adorable idea that will make you fall in love with pig crafts. This is an easy pig craft for pre-school. It is very simple and fun to make as in this you need only some pink paint if you want to start making this. Don’t worry if you do not have paper plates at home. You can also make these by cutting out circles from any cardboard you like.


*Source- Go Conqr

Here comes another wonderful pig craft idea that you should check out. Kids enjoy making this a lot as they have to use just some pink paint and they could end up painting this wonderful cutie. This would be a wonderful gift that the pre-schoolers can give to their fellow classmates.

Quilled Paper Pig

Quilled Paper Pig
*Source- Youtube

If you are looking for super adorable pig craft ideas, then this one will surely take your heart. Creating pig crafts is super fun. You just need to get some paper of any color that you preferred and make coils for the body, eyes, and nose. And you are done. You have successfully made your cute quilled paper pig.

Paper Pig Puppets

*Source- Iheatcraftythings

This is a super simple idea for kids as they just need to grab some pink paper along with a pair of scissors and some glue when they make these beautiful puppets. Then all you need to do is to use them in some puppet plays.

Serendipitous Discovery

Serendipitous Discovery
*Source- Serendipitous Discovery

It is a cute and quite easy-to-make paper pig that is excellent for some wonderful motor skills. Kids will enjoy making these as they love motors and cars. Once they get into this, they will not be willing to get into something else

Toilet Paper Roll Pig Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Pig Craft
*Source- The Chriping Moms

A beautiful craft that is made out of recycled toilet paper rolls which is quite similar to some storytelling props. This will teach the kids how to reuse waste materials. Just use some pink paint and pens for the details and they will be good to go.

3D Paper Plate Pig Masks

*Source- Pinterest

Made out of some paper plates and pink paint with the help of a pair of scissors, this pig craft idea is perfect for some dramas at school. Besides making, kids who make these will have fun using the paper plate mask at some school plays.

Paper Bag Pig Craft

Paper Bag Pig Craft
*Source- Simple Everyday Mom

This piece of craft is an easy pig craft for toddlers. These can be easily made with some pink paper bags and a pen by drawing a wonderful pig sketch on the bag itself. This idea is again a good process of recycling used paper bags which people often throw away as waste materials. You can use these as decorations in classrooms or at home.

DIY Water Bottle Piggy Bank

DIY Water Bottle Piggy Bank
*Source- FristCry Parenting

This is a fantastic way to reuse waste plastic bottles. Parents should always encourage their kids to use these fantastic ideas that would also teach them to reuse waste materials. With some pink paint, a pair of scissors, and a pen for adding details, this will be a wonderful decoration item or stuff to play with.

A final word

Although there is no end to this particular list of fantastic pig crafts, these are some easy and beautiful craft ideas. Kids in playschool and lower classes enjoy making these playful toys, puppets, and various decorations kinds of stuff. These pig craft ideas basically require very little or almost no raw materials. All they need is some pink paper, paper plates, pink paint, and some pens and scissors. Children will have lots of fun making these using their imagination and creativity. Make some wonderful crafts with your kids using these fantastic ideas as they are quite simple and easy to make.


What is PYGG Clay?

PYGG Clay is a form of clay that is available in the market at an affordable rate. This is used to make household items such as plates and pots.

How do you make a pig out of air-dry clay?

Use the air-dry clay to give it the shape of the pig and then use a pen and scraping tools to give it the desired details to turn the clay into wonderful stuff.

How do you make Origami pigs?

Origami pigs can be made by simply using pink paper and some pens to draw the details of the pig. It is a very easy way for a pig to craft.