How To Make A Lemonade Slushie?

Looking for something cool to drink to combat the heat? This lemonade slushie is refreshing and tangy: enjoy it alone or with gin for a kick! Temperatures are climbing into the 90s, and our mint patch is overflowing. What better way how to make a lemonade slushie?

This refreshing lemon slushie drink has all you need to stay calm. It’s cold and refreshing, with a sweet-tart, citrusy taste with a touch of fresh mint. Make it into a drink by sprinkling it with gin. In any case, it’s seductive!

Ingredients For Lemonade Slushie

Squeezed lemon juice: 1 cup fresh (about 6 lemons)

Maple syrup or honey: ½ cup (or granulated sugar)

Water: 3 cups, divided

Mint: 1 handful of fresh

Gin: ½ cup (optional)

How To Make A Lemonade Slushie?

This Lemonade slushie recipe, often known as a lemon slush, is an iced rendition of lemonade with the flavorful addition of mint. You may substitute sugar for the honey or maple syrup that gives this dish its natural sweetness, but you can also use sugar if you want.

Adding mint to the recipe provides just the proper depth and complexity. How do you create a slushie out of lemonade? The most challenging aspect is extracting the juice from the lemons and patiently for the mixture to become frozen! This is what you should do:

Make lemon juice.

One cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice is required, which may be obtained from around six lemons. We do not advise using lemon juice from a bottle in the recipe for lemonade slushie; for the most authentic taste, use freshly squeezed lemon juice instead. Not a single brand of bottled lemon juice comes close to replicating the flavor of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Simmer with the sugar and mint.

After you have squeezed the juice from all of the lemons, you will bring the juice to a simmer with either honey or maple syrup, after which you will remove the pan from the heat and mix in the mint leaves. Allow it to sit for ten minutes so the mint taste may permeate the liquid and become more concentrated.

Put in ice cube trays and freeze.

After waiting for ten minutes, you will add cold water, blend, and freeze into ice cubes. Because it takes around 6 hours for the cubes to freeze, think about preparing this dish the night before.

What’s the point of blending a lemonade slush?

Making a lemonade slushie in a blender is a relatively simple process. Making a lemonade slushie without the use of a blender might be a time-consuming process for anybody interested in attempting it. Lemonade slushies are pretty refreshing and an excellent alternative for those who don’t like traditional lemonade or lemon juice.

Adding ice to a slushie makes for a fascinating beverage overall. People can add a variety of flavors to their lemonade slushie, which may result in the liquid having a more enticing taste profile. When the summer mornings or afternoons heat becomes too much for the human body to handle, a lemonade slushie is an ideal beverage to cool down with.

Tips To Make Lemonade slushie.

Use freshly squeezed lemons.

Because bottled lemon juice has a higher acidity level, you will need to add additional sweetener to compensate for its taste.

Zest before juicing

Zesting a whole lemon is much simpler and more secure than only half a lemon.

Preparing meals in advance and freezing food in freezer-safe containers saves time.

Before blending, allow the mixture to thaw for half an hour at room temperature or melt slightly in the microwave for a few seconds.

Change things up a bit.

You could substitute limes or oranges or make it boozier by adding a splash of vodka.

How To Make a Color-Changing Lemonade Slushies?

The transformation of this tasty slush from blue to pink and purple in the blink of an eye will wow people of all ages. Natural blue tea and reviving lemonade are combined to create an enchanting mixture.

This serves as a fun scientific experiment that also tastes well. Plan for the revelry of your child’s birthday! (An adult could enjoy adding vodka or gin to their beverage.)


Blue pea flower tea: 4 teaspoons

Boiling water: 2 cups

Lemonade: 2 cups


Step 1: Tea should be steeped in water that lasts 8 minutes. After straining, pour the liquid into a measuring cup with a capacity of 2 cups. After pouring tea onto an ice cube tray, let it freeze completely.

Step 2: Put the frozen tea cubes in a blender and pulse them until they are broken up. Put a half cup of crushed ice in each glass, and then pour a half cup of lemonade over the ice. Take a look at the trick!

Tips For a Color-Changing Lemon Slushies

  • Be cautious not to spill any on your clothing since blue pea tea and butterfly pea tea, like any other kind of tea or coffee, may leave a stain.
  • To achieve the color shift without magic ice, pour the cooled butterfly pea or blue pea tea into conventional ice with lemon syrup. This will produce the same effect. The effect of shifting colors will be made, but the galaxy effect will not be created.
  • Add luster petal dust at any stage to get a sparkly appearance. This will only become apparent when the mixture has been mixed. Add only 1/8 of a teaspoon of luster petal dust to each beverage. It just takes a little amount to get the job done.

The Science Behind This Col Reaction Is Here

Anthocyanin is a pigment that is water-soluble and can be found in all “blue fruits” and “blue vegetables,” such as blueberries, blackberries, black raspberries, eggplant, purple cauliflower, red cabbage, and blue pea flowers (also known as butterfly pea or blue pea flower), amongst other “blue fruits” and “blue vegetables,” which are responsible for the purple to blue hues found in these fruits and vegetables.

The only flowers that can extract a natural blue hue soluble in water are blue pea flowers (the blossom itself is dark purple/blue). Blue pea flowers are the only flowers that can do this.

As a result of the fact that anthocyanin will alter its colour in response to the pH of the solvent in which it is dissolved, it functions as a pH indicator in its natural state. Therefore, its colour may shift from orange to pink to purple to yellow, depending on whether or not it is in an acidic or basic solution.

How To Make A Basil Lemonade Slushie?


Basil: 2 cups firmly packed

Sugar: 1 cup

Thawed lemonade: 1 can concentrate

Water: 1 quart


  1. In a saucepan, combine one quart of water with the basil. Start a boil with it.
  2. Boil for 8 minutes or until the basil becomes dark.
  3. After around 2 minutes of stirring, the sugar should be dissolved.
  4. Take the pan off the heat, add lemonade concentrate, and whisk to mix everything.
  5. Let stand for 30 minutes
  6. Pass the mixture through a strainer made of mesh.
  7. Put the liquid into a plastic bag that is one gallon in size, and freeze it overnight.
  8. After frozen, please remove it from the freezer and let it defrost for twenty minutes.
  9. Put some slush in a glass, then have some fun.


How can I add cream to my frozen lemonade?

The majority of recipes for frosted lemonade include ice cream to add creaminess. Coconut cream is another low-sugar, healthier alternative you might try.

How healthy is homemade lemonade?

It is determined by the amount of sweetener used and whether refined sugar or a natural sweetener, such as honey, is used. By adding stevia, you can make it low-carb or keto.

How long does fresh lemonade last?

Homemade lemonade that hasn’t been frozen may be stored for 5-7 days. Lemonade may be frozen for up to 3–4 months.

Is fresh lemon juice required while making lemonade?

It is strongly recommended but not required. The fresher, less sour option is preferable to bottled. Remember to add the zest as well. Without the acidity of lemon juice, it offers a tonne of lemon taste.

Which lemons work best for making lemonade?

Meyer lemons have a sweeter flavor by nature than regular lemons. Either may be used; you must taste and adjust the sweetener quantity.